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El-O-Matic Electric Actuators

El-O-Matic electric actuators are reliable quality products, which can be relied on to perform faultlessly no matter how demanding the circumstances.


Standard versions are provided with mechanical end stops, limit switches for open/close indication and anti-condensation heater. Corrosion resistant materials used throughout aluminium housing, stainless steel fastenings and hard-bronze gear transmission. Also:

  • Can be applied to all ball, plug and butterfly valves.
  • Low-noise, smooth running by the use of high ratio worm and wheel reduction.
  • Compact construction and lightweight due to the use of high-grade
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Corrosion protected by the use of the external coating (2-component polyurethane).
  • Wide range of voltage options.
  • Self-locking reduction gear with minimum backlash in the transmission.
  • Visual position indicator.
  • Mountings in accordance with the ISO 5211 or DIN 3337 standard.

Nominal Rotation

90° - factory set to ±3°
Adjustable by limit switches: 10° to 320°


IP65 (IP67 optional)

Temperature Range

-20° to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F)


Two part polyurethane all steel parts zinc plated


50,000 cycles minimum


DC - 24VDC or 24VAC
AC Single Phase - 110-130V 50Hz or 60Hz 220-240V50Hz or 240-280V 60Hz
AC Three Phase - 380-415V 50Hz or 415-460V 60Hz

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El-O-Matic Electric Actuators

El-O-Matic Electric Actuators

El-O-Matic Electric Actuators

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