Flow Control Instrumentation

Eurovalve specialise in Instrumentation solutions providing a diverse range of high quality, innovative instrumentation product solutions throughout the UK, including Flowmeters, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Sensors, Level, Process Measurement Instrumentation and Electronic and Digital Displays.

Eurovalve specialise in a vast range of Industrial Flowmeters suitable for all types of applications. Our products cover all types of technologies including Variable Area Flowmeters, Thermal Mass Gas Flowmeters, Vortex Flowmeters, Turbine Flowmeters, Positive Displacement Flowmeters, Liquid Flow Indicators, Ultrasonic Liquid Clamp on Flowmeters and a range of Flow Switches.

Eurovalve also serves the fire systems industry, providing LPCB Approved Shunt Orifice Type Flowmeters. Our Pressure measurement devices include Industrial Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Transducers, Pressure Transmitters with Displays and Switches, Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitters, OEM and Submersible Pressure Transmitters, Electronic Pressure Switches and Mechanical Pressure Switches.

Eurovalve provide a range of high performance Temperature Sensors and Transmitters for precise measurement and control in any process applications. Eurovalve have on offer a full range of Level measurement products including Radar Level Measurement Sensors, Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Hydrostatic Level Transmitters, Conductivity Level Measurement and Control, Capacitance Level Measurement and Vibrating Probe Level Switches.
A complete range of Panel Mount, Field Digital Displays, Digital Flow Computers and Batch Controllers are also encompassed in our large product portfolio and readily available from our one stop shop.

Eurovalve are also renowned for delivering bespoke and customised solutions tailored specifically to meet individual needs which are not normally available. These solutions include temperature sensors, pressure transmitters and a wide range of process measurement equipment.

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