Knife Gate ValvesKnife Gate Valves

Our range of knife gate valves can be used with liquids, slurries and powders. The standard valve covers most applications but for high pressure, abrasive or corrosive applications variants are available.
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Plug ValvesPlug Valves

Plug valves are used as a reliable, cost effective alternative to ball or gate valves. they are suited to liquid, slurry and powder use and are especially effective when handling abrasive products. 
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Butterfly ValvesButterfly Valves

Eurovalve is a main agent for Danfoss-Socla butterfly valves, a well known and renowned product which will suit your application in most cases. We also supply butterfly valves specially designed for powder handling, economy butterly valves.
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Ball ValvesBall Valves

From economy to high Firesafe and high pressure, trunnion mounted ball valves, Eurovalve supplies a comprehensive range. A wide variety of sizes, materials, end connections and operators are available enabling us to match the ideal ball valve to your application.
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Gate ValvesGate Valves

Used where isolation of a fluid or gas is required, the choice of valve depends on pressures, medium being handled and budget. As the application varies tremendously, please contact Eurovalve to discuss your application. 
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Globe ValvesGlobe Valves

Globe valves are highly efficient for isolation and throttling services. A wide choice of body, disc and seat materials are available dependent on application.
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Non Return ValvesNon Return Valves

Non return valves are used typically on pump outlets to prevent drainage of the pipes to which the pump supplies. As the name suggests they allow media to flow in one direction only. 
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Pinch ValvesPinch Valves

A pinch valve is an unrestricted bore type of valve. As the name suggests, pinch valves use a pinching effect to obstruct fluid flow. They are a cost effective and reliable solution for handling abrasive, corrosive and fibrous product. 
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Relief ValvesRelief Valves

The relief valve is a safety device used to protect from over pressurisation in a system or vessel which can build up by a process, instrument or equipment failure. The pressure is relieved by allowing the pressurised fluid to flow from an auxiliary passage out of the system. 
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Valve CommissioningValve Commissioning

Metering Station and a close coupled double regulating valve. It is normally fitted in the return line of the system, however, it will perform equally well in the flow section of pipe work.
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Flow Control InstrumentationFlow Control Instrumentation

Eurovalve specialise in Instrumentation solutions providing a diverse range of high quality, innovative instrumentation product solutions throughout the UK, including Flowmeters, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Sensors, Level, Process Measurement Instrumentation and Electronic and Digital Displays.
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